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Transparent and accessible formulary coverage information whenever, wherever you need it


Formulary Search for iPhone


Identify real-time status and restriction changes on all drugs

  • Over 98% of US insured lives
  • Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Exchanges
  • One-click covered alternatives
  • Save favorite and recently searched drugs

Formulary Search for iPad


Search fast for the exact drug coverage on every plan in your area

  • Quick summary of coverage in your area
  • Data updated every night
  • Every state and region in US included
  • All plan types from all payers and PBMs

Formulary Search for Desktop


Support prescribing decisions when you’re with a patient

  • Browser based version for laptop use
  • Same data and functions for Android users
  • Quick lookup of every formulary in the US
  • Clearly see if a PA or Step edit is needed
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